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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tatiana von Tauber, ART PORN - soft part

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Tatiana von Tauber is an American figurative artist focusing on the sensual and erotic arts.  Creative endeavors include painting, digital art, boudoir photography and various fiction and nonfiction writings on topics such as eroticism, Human freedom and sex-positive feminism. 

I was born in the Czech Republic in 1971, ending up in America after my parents escaped to a refugee camp in Austria in 1977. Within a year they were granted a Visa to come to America and eventually we settled in South Florida. I grew up a European immigrant in a multi-diverse Miami surrounded by Latin-Americans and Hispanics as my primary influence. It so happens that their culture is very sensual and these two points converged into just about everything regarding freedom and eroticism" 

In th Midst of Fall, 2016

Resting on the Laurel, 2016

Into the Blue Yonder, 2017

Baby Bird

Booby Trap

Out There

Palm Beach

Embrace, 2017, oil painting, for me the best one

Flower power


Her Lips


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Alex Varenne, Erotic Art

Alex Varenne (born 29 August 1939 in Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or) is a cartoonist and author of erotic comics. After studying at Lyon, he became a teacher of fine arts. With his brother Daniel Varenne, in 1979 he created the series Ardour, the name of his hero, he publishes monthly in Charlie. In 1985, he published a screenplay by his brother Daniel Varenne Affair Landscape. Meanwhile, he published in The Echo savannas and devoted much eroticism, with Black Square on White Ladies (1984), the three volumes of the series Erma Jaguar (1988-1992), Melee (1987), Tears of sex (1989), Love Fools (1991) and Opera portfolios Erotic (1986) Erotic Fragments (1993), or The Taste of Women (2002). Most are published by Albin Michel. It publishes graphic novels Casterman more ambitious but still sensual: Anxiety and Anger (1988, screenplay by Daniel Varenne from the novel in March) and Gully Traver (1993). In 2002, he illustrated The 12 Signs of Love Brigitte Lahaie editions Geisha, where he published other stories Cheats and Juliet in 1999 and Yumi in 2000.


Julie Schalit - Suzie-Q: Only self

Suzie-Q is a French illustrator and graphic designer from Bordeaux, France. Born 1969 in Paris.