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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lafnet Luc, Les Caprices du Sexe (The Whims of Sex), Louise Dormienne, 1928

13 illustrations by Luc Lafnet

A Checklist of Works Illustrated by Luc Lafnet

Royo Luis, The Blue Prince

Vertes Marcel, Le Pays a Mon Gout, The Country to Your Taste, 1921

12 original lithograph prints (other source: 12 copper-plate etchings or aquatint), circa 1921.
450 copies
Sheets are 9x11 (228mm x 305mm), image sizes vary but most are about 5”x7” (127mm x 177mm).

Marcel Vertes (1895-1961) was a Hungarian artist, illustrator & costume designer, probably best known for his stylish & lively murals adorning the walls of NYC’s Carlyle Hotel. He also won two well-deserved Oscars, with Elsa Schiaparalli, for his work on 1952´s Moulin Rouge (for Art Direction and Costume Design). Le Pays a Mon Gout reflects his whimsical style, but with decidedly erotic themes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

French erotic drawings

This vintage erotic illustration is courtesy of an unknown French artist from the early 1900s, working under the pseudonym Joie d’Hiver (“Joy Of Winter”). From a series of explicit pencil & watercolor pieces called Parisian Sketches. Source of this information: Nude-o-Rama

The service staircase

If it is awakened


A piece crispy

Bath of Love


Entrechat - on toes

Speed train to Nice

Mr. Baptiste you are not discreet (well-behaved)