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Monday, July 22, 2013

Balkan Gang-Raping (Balkangreuel), Gottfried Sieben alias Archibald Smith, 1909, Wien

Gottfried Sieben - 1856 - 1918, Austria. 
In 1909, using the pseudonym of Archibald Smith, the Austrian book illustrator Gottfried Sieben painted “Balkangreuel” (Balkan Horror, Balkan Cruelty), a series of twelve lithographs showing Turkish soldiers in the act of gang-raping and killing women. The images are highly raw and explicit, but they also have  an historical value.

Brutal behavior of the Turkish army in its oppressive wars against the Greeks (and other Balkan Christian peoples) is depicted in the scenes, where light-skinned naked women are being humiliated, ravished, and raped by darker-skinned and dressed Turkish soldiers.

These pictures were issued also as postcards.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gino Boccasile, Delicate erotic Decameron illustrations

Gino Boccasile, the son of a perfumer, was born in Bari, Italy 1901. Trained as an illustrator he moved to Milan in 1925 and worked at the Mauzan-Morzenti Agency. Over the next few years he produced posters and illustrated fashion magazines.
Boccasile spent time in Buenos Aires and Paris before opening his own agency, ACTA. During this period he produced illustrations for several publications
During The World War II as a supporter of Benito Mussolini Boccasile produced propaganda material for the italian government.He died in 1952

Il Decameron, art editions, Milan , printed in 3000 copies in 1955.  
Boccasile died in 1952, he managed to illustrate only one volume of this work, which was complemented by other authors in 1955.