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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dubeau François, Simple and Elegant Erotic Drawing

François Dubeau grew up in and around Montreal (Canada). He has always had a passion for drawing, photography and music.
He holds a BA in Communications Studies from Concordia University (Montreal) and has worked in public relations and marketing. A long-time computer enthusiast, he has gradually integrated technology in his artistic creation process.
Since 1999, he’s Vice-President of Prose inc., a Montreal communications firm.

François Dubeau’s work is a delightful paradox. Combining traditional techniques with the most modern of digital tools, Dubeau explores the simplest form of expression. His artistic exploration is one of simplicity, striving for the elemental.

© François Dubeau

Hommage a Courbet

Belle chambrière 4

Envole-toi bel oiseau, Flee beautiful bird


Le fruit defendu, The Forbidden fruit

Les oiseaux du paradis, The Bird of Paradise

Pablo (le minotaure)

Aprés, After

La Courbe, The Curve

Moulin Rouge

Mouth Music

Seule, Alone

© François Dubeau, visit his blog

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tomás Muller, El Tomi Erotico, Tango

Tomás Muller born in Rosario, province Santa Fe, central Argentina. January 2, 1955. Visual artist, writer, poet, cartoonist, writer, illustrator, graphic designer, advertising creator.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Michael Kirwan, Fat Girl Erotic Drawing Gallery

American, Illustrator
Michael Kirwan was born in New York City 1953 and from an early age he drew on paper grocery store bags with ballpoint pens and filled small steno pads with drawings. In 1986 his work was first published in Stroke magazine and has appeared in Freshmen, Torso, Gent , Playguy, Sugah, Mandate, Inches, Nugget and many other publications. His work has been exhibited at the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angles, and at the Peter Madero Gallery and the Leslie/Lohman Gallery in New York, as well as in group shows in Portland, Oregon, and Miami, Florida. His images have circulated all over the world and original drawings are highly sought after by serious collectors of erotica.

Except his main gay theme he created many straight and various deviation pictures.

Here is his Fat Girl Gallery