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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Erotic Poetry Antology, 1960, illustrations Amandine Doré

Florilége de la poésie érotique du XVIe au XXe siécle, 1960.
Anthology of the erotic poetry of the sixteenth to the twentieth century. 
Pierre de Ronsard, François Villon, Rutebeuf, Mathurin Regnier, Maynard and modern authors remained anonymous.
Illustrated by Amandine Doré under the pseudonym Madame***
20 original copper engravings
195 copies 32 x 25 cm

Doré Amandine is a descendant of the illustrator Gustave Doré. Born in 1912 she died in 2011 aged 99 years!
She began as an illustrator and then touched the area of gallant erotic illustrations under her birth name, but her erotic production is more known under the pseudonym Madame ***. She married at Tahiti novelist Albert t'Serstevens - 1886 - 1974, friend of Blaise Cendrars. Amanda Doré is known as an illustrator of her husband books - trips in Polynesia (they stayed there three years), Spain, Mexico, Sicily, Sardinia , Aeolian Islands, Greece, Morocco, etc. Her work is remarkable for erotic sensuality.

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