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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dixie Friend Gay, Surrealistic erotic prints

Dixie Friend Gay is a  U.S. visual artist, who works in a variety of media and is noted for work that explores the power of nature.
She was born as Dixie Friend in Oklahoma and raised on a cattle ranch.
She taught art for three years at a rural school before moving to the East Coast. In 1989 she earned a Master's degree in Studio Arts from New York University. She was the 2003 Texas State Artist of the Year. She now resides in Houston.

Dixie Friend has produced art in many different media. Through the years she has produced sculptures, prints, drawings, and paintings.

Home page: 

One, 1976

Ecstasy, 1979

Female, 1979

Separation, 1979

Thoughts, 1979

Touch Me, 1979

Touch Me Deeply, 1979

Hands, 1980

Dream, 1982

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