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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Johann Nepomuk Geiger, Erotic drawings

Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger (11 January 1805 - 29 October 1880) was a Viennese artist.

Born in Vienna, Geiger wanted originally to follow the family tradition and become a sculptor but drawing and painting were his natural element. He illustrated Anton Ziegler’s Vaterländischen Immortellen ("Immortals of the Native Land") of 1839-40. Up to 1848 he carried out numerous illustrations of historical works and poetry but also made oil paintings for the Austrian Royal Family.

Returning from a journey to the Orient with Prince Ferdinand Maxmilian Joseph in 1850 he entered a particularly creative period. In 1853 he became Professor of the Viennese Academy of Art. For the Royal Family he made many works including illustrations of Goethe, Schiller and Shakespeare. He also illustrated oriental life and designed a set of banknotes.

He died also in Vienna on 29 October 1880.
His erotic drawings are particularly remembered though it is unlikely that they were the typical work of a court painter.





Examples of other works of JNG.

Bajazeth, conquered by Timur near Angora/Ancyra

Samson and Dalilah

Set of banknotes


  1. I knew some of them but not the entire work. Thanks for sharing.

    Some images are still very modern.

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