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Sunday, November 18, 2012

LRNZ erotic comics

"Artist and designer based in Rome, Italy. Founder and member of the SUPERAMICI collective. In the past he was one of the five pillars of the glorious design studio called Chimp Co., later to be known as Studio Brutus."


These pictures were published on XCOMICS, SUPERAMICI Special Issue “donne nude con le mani in tasca” (naked women with hands in pockets) by Coniglio Editore.

"The story is about a couple that grow bigger and bigger while having sex. That’s it. They get so big that, after destroying a whole city, they become too heavy even for the earth’s gravitational field. They detach from the planet and get lost in space becoming a symbol of universal beauty and will expand more than the universe itself as long as they continue to love each other."

Nice story and wonderful graphic work!!

Other example of LRNZ graphic design.

The odor of the the sea at night

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