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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Erotic Art by Julius Lewandowski

Julius Lewandowski, born 1977 in Warsaw, the Polish artist noted for his erotic, sexual and provocative images with an understated hint of satire.

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Lewandowski draws upon a host of familiar references, yet he creates images undeniably his own. Burra receives homage and Eastern painters like Utamaro provide inspiration for at least one gorgeous, glitzy purple scene. It's all rather fun, confident and naughty - like the best sex.

Two Boys at Play

Samurai and His Lover

"I'm obsessed with sex!" Lewandowski insists with a thick Polish accent, before informing me that he was not born physically male. I ask if his gender identity holds him back: "I was afraid that nobody would accept me," he reveals, adding: "But I don't want to be closed into one community. For me it's important to go and mix with other people and show then that we are happy and noble and that we can do some interesting stuff."

He tells me that an ex-girlfriend, a trans woman, was his long-time muse. Turning to the wall, I see that many of the faces are indeed variations of the same person, a beautiful woman with just the slightest hint of a male past. An unexpectedly sentimental touch.

When Nobody Watching Us

120 Days of Sodom

Ice Cream Trilogy



The Devil and The Nun

Lucas and Me

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