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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nicole Claveloux, Surrealistic Erotic Painting

French illustrator. Born 1940 in St.-Etienne, she studied at the École des Beaux- Arts. In 1968 she met François Ruy-Vidal, who, one year later, published with Harlin Quist The Secret Journey of Hugo the Brat, which contained Claveloux's illustrations. She has become one of the most important illustrators of children's books of her generation - for exmpl. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1974). Her feminist convictions are represented through numerous illustrations portraying deep and distinctive female figures. She has also produced comics (Grabote series) and lavish illustrations displaying a rich artistic heritage (La belle et la be^te, 2001; English trans., Beauty and the Beast).

Estran - Foreshore

Le Roc des Ombres - The Rock of Shadows

Le trefle a quatre fesses - The Clover of Four Buttocks

Ouroboros - ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating his own tail