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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dodson Betty, Vulva Types Close-ups, around 1980

All pictures Copyright Betty Dodson

Classical Vulva

Gothic Vulva I

Gothic Vulva II

Renaissance Vulva

Baroque Vulva

Art Deco Vulva - Elongated Clitoral Shaft

Diamond Shaped Vulva

Butterfly Vulva I

Butterfly Vulva II

Heart Shaped Vulva

Valentine Day Vulva - Heart Shaped

Triangl Vulva

Heart Shaped Two Toned Vulva

Decorative Inner Lips Vulva

Demi Inner Lips Vulva I

Demi Inner Lips Vulva II

Magnificient Long Inner Lips Vulva

One Inner Lipped Vulva

Shy Inner LipsVulva

Long Clitoral Shaft Vulva

Vulva with Unusually Large Clitoris

Hidden Penis Vulva

Vulva Framed with Unusual Outher Lips

Sought After Vulva

Surgically Altered Vulva

Betty´s Vulva

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All pictures Copyright Betty Dodson

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